Is this ok?

I have an excellent eye for other people's typos. When I started reading MBT, I spotted a few like an extra I in Dangerfield and a missing R from Forrest Gump. So I made note of Tom's typos and sent them to him. Really it was a lot of "quanta" where quantum should have been and missing hyphens that in my opinion should have been there.

Tom and I emailed back and forth until I finished looking through the book the first two times, and the night he emailed me that he was adding me to his acknowledgements made my ego very happy.

Then we started talking about me possibly building him an index. I had done plenty of voluntary proofreading before, but I never considered myself (and still don't) an Index-Builder, even knowing Word had a pretty powerful indexing tool.

Anyway, I built the index last year, and now I have a decent beginning draft of it in PDF and Word and Excel and as jpgs, but there are still far too many blanks to be ready to be published.

As posted in the MBT forum thread called "Building the Index", I am looking for some help with this.